B R E A K I N G  T H E   R U L E S  W I T H   G O O D   I N T E N T I O N S 


Defiant Society is a state of mind. We are about taking everything you do in life and maximizing it to its fullest potential.  Defiant Society is about inspiring you to challenge the Status Quo.  The Brand’s philosophy of “Breaking The Rules With Good Intentions” was intended to empower people to express themselves from a place of consciousness and without fear.  Defiant Society is about going after your dreams with absolute freedom, no matter the obvious challenges you may face.


To create an experience for each DS customer from the very beginning
To make the comfort of each DS customer the priority with our brand
To connect with our customers through great customer service


    To never release a product we are personally not 100% satisfied with
    To treat everyone with the utmost respect, at all times, as a brand








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